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Technical challenges in tree-ring research including wood anatomy and dendroecology.
Gärtner H, Cherubini P, Fonti P, von Arx G, Schneider L, Nievergelt D, Verstege A, Bast A, Schweingruber FH, Büntgen U (2015)
Journal of Visualized Experiments (97): e52337, p. 1-10. doi:10.3791/52337

Hydroclimatic variation in Far North Queensland since 1861 inferred from tree rings.
Heinrich, I. Weidner, K., Helle, G. Vos, H. & J.C.G. Banks (2008)
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 270, 116-127.

Interdecadal modulation of the relationship between ENSO, IPO and precipitation: insights from tree rings in     Australia.
Heinrich, I. Weidner, K., Helle, G. Vos, H., Lindesay, J. & J.C.G. Banks (2009)
Climate Dynamics 33, 63-73.

The Use of Dendrochronological Method in Dating of Illegal Tree Cuttings in Turkey: A Case Study.
Yaman, B. and Akkemik, Ü. 2009.
Baltic Forestry, 15 (1): 122-126.

Studying sulfur functional groups in Norway spruce year rings using S L-edge total electron yield spectroscopy
Rudolf P.W.J. Struis, Christian Ludwig, Timothée Barrelet, Urs Krähenbühl and Heinz Rennenberg
Science of The Total Environment
Volume 403, Issues 1-3, 15 September 2008, Pages 196-206

Assessing the suitability of Norway spruce wood as an environmental archive for sulphur
T. Barrelet, A. Ulrich, H. Rennenberg, C.N. Zwicky and U. Krähenbühl
Environmental Pollution
Volume 156, Issue 3, December 2008, Pages 1007-1014

Time resolved sulphur and nutrient distribution in Norway spruce drill cores using ICP-OES
Andrea Ulrich, Timothée Barrelet, Renato Figi, Heinz Rennenberg and Urs Krähenbühl
Microchimica Acta
Published online: 23 September 2008 (doi:10.1007/s00604-008-0101-7)

Variations in tension wood of two broadleaved tree species in response to different mechanical treatments: Implications for dendrochronology and mass movement studies.
Heinrich I, Gärtner H (2008)
International Journal of Plant Sciences 169/7: 928-936. (doi: 10.1086/589695)
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