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Overview of TRACE conferences:

Vol. Year date city country link
1 2002 April 11th-13th Jülich/Bonn Germany  
2 2003 May 1st-3rd Utrecht Netherlands  
3 2004 April 22nd-24th Birmensdorf Switzerland  
4 2005 April 21st-23rd Fribourg Switzerland  
5 2006 April 20th-22nd Tervuren Belgium  
6 2007 May 3rd-6th Riga Latvia  
7 2008 April 27th-30th Zakopane Poland  
8 2009 April 16th-19th Otocec Slovenia  
9 2010 April 22nd-25th Freiburg Germany  
10 2011 May 11th - 14th Orléans France  
11 2012 May 8th-12th Potsdam Germany  
12 2013 May 8th-11th Viterbo Italy  
13 2014 May 6th-10th Aviemore Scotland  
14 2015 May 20th-23rd Sevilla Spain  
15 2016 May 12th-14th Bialowieza Poland  
16 2017        

The content overview is accessible via using the dropdown menu (links in the table coming soon).

Please note that due to copyright reasons, TRACE publications of the last two years can not be provided online.


The style sheet for the extended abstract for the next TRACE publication can be downloaded here.


All TRACE proceedings are also available as one big pdf from the publications website of the GFZ Potsdam (search for 'dendrosymposium'). All articles can - and should - be cited; please use the bibliographic information given in every volume (incl. ISBN/DOI)