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TRACE Vol. 11 (2013)




Hochreuther P., Münchow J., Grießinger J.. & A. Bräuning: Relationships between ring width and maximum latewood density - an example from southeast Tibet 10
Spannl S., Ganzhi O., Peters T. & A. Bräuning: Tree growth under climatic and trophic forcing - A nutrient manipulation experiment in Southern Ecuador 14
Magnuszewski M., Orozumbekow A & M Zasada: Radial growth and climate signals of Picea schrenkiana at different elevations in the Sary-Chelek Biosphere Reserve, Kyrgyzstan 20

Ludwisiak ?. & M. Magnuszewski: The influence of pluvial conditions on the radial increment of the Douglas fir and eastern white pine in north-eastern Poland

Fregien K., Heinrich I., Helle G., Dorado Liñán I. & B. Neuwirth: Growth response of sessile oak to climatic variability at two sites in West and Northeast Germany 31
Linke N. & W. Beck: Growth course and climate sensitivity of Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst) in Brandenburg/Germany 43
Klesse S. & D. Frank: Testing the application of Regional CUrve Standardization to living tree datasets 47
Acevedo W., Cubasch U., Reich S. & K. Matthes: Forward modelling of tree-ring width chronologies from the Spanish Pyrenees using VS-Lite model 56



Ullrich B., Graf Pannatier E., Saurer M., Simard S. & K. Treydte: Stable oxygen isotopes in xylem water and soil water of alpine trees 62
Schollaen K. & G. Helle: A novel approach for the preparation of high-resolution stable isotope records from tropical tree-rings 71
Konter O., Holzkämper S., Helle G., Büntgen U. & J. Esper: Trends and signals in decadally resolved carbon isotopes from the Spanish Pyrenees 77
Schollaen K. & G. Helle: Testing the influence of graphite and gypsum markings on stable isotope values (ð13C, ð18O) of tropical tree rings 85
Stantscheva M., Esper J. & W. Werner: Do stable oxygen isotopes from Pinus sylvestris reveal different water sources in Central germany? 88



Beck W., Müller J. & T. Sanders: Intra-annual weather conditions, ecosystem water fluxes and tree growth reactions - hydroecological and dendroecological findings from intensive sampling plots with different forest tree species 94
Riechelmann D.F.C., Schmidhalter M., Büntgen U. & J. Esper: Extending the high elevation larch ring width chronology from the Simplon region in the Swiss Alps over the past millennium 103
Eaton E.L., Barsoum N., Levani? T., Pargade J., Bonnart X. & J.I.L. Morison: Inter-annual variation in oak growth over the past century in southern England and northern France 108
Stenger F.: Reconstruction of ancient floodplain oaks on the base of subfossil oaks 117
Edvardsson J., Poska A., Hammarlund D., Linderson H., Rundgren M., Van der Putten N. & A. Hansson: Late-Holocene peatland expansion and tree succession at Viss mosse, southern Sweden, inferred from subfossil trees and peat stratigraphy 126
Klisz M., Jastrz?bowski S. & J. Nowakowska: Genetic parameters of wood density in European larch families from seedling seed orchards 129
Di Filippo A., Biondi F., Zianco E. & G. Piovesan: Dendroecological networks to investigate forest dynamics: the case of Eurpoean beeach in Italy 134


Frank Th., Diethelm B & R. Busch: Revision of dendrochronological data in the Rhineland, Germany. An interim report on a generational transfer of dendrodata 146
Bräuning A., Scharf A., Kretschmer W. & I. Burchardt: Beyond dating: Archaeological wood as a source of information of environmental changes in High Asia 154


Hellmann L., Tegel W., Eggertsson O., Schweingruber F.H., Blanchette R., Kirdyanov A., Gärtner H. & U. Büntgen: On the importance of anatomical classification in Arctic driftwood research 160


Rzepecka A., Czajka B., Miku? P., Kaczka R.J. & B. Wy?ga: Development of an island with a patchy structure in a gravel-bed river: Coupling of tree-ring and GIS methods 168
Munteanu A. & O. Pop: Dendrological reconstruction of the avalanches occurring on the eastern slope of the Piatra Craiului Mts. (Carpathians, Romania), preliminary results 173


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