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TRACE Vol. 9 (2011)




Krepkowski J., Bräuning A. & A. Gebrekirstos: Growth dynamics of Podocarpus falcatus 6 pdf
Volland F., Ganzhi O. & A. Bräuning: Radial stem growth of Tabebuia chrysantha (Bignoniaceae) in Southern Ecuador 13 pdf



Beck W.: Impact of drought and heat on tree and stand vitality – results of the study commissioned  by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection 20 pdf
Bijak Sz.: Influence of drought on radial growth of Norway spruce in north-eastern Poland 28 pdf
Heinrich I., Touchan R. & G. Helle: Long-term drought and streamflow variations in Turkey 34 pdf
Lasermann B. & A. Bräuning: The manifestation of drought events in tree rings of beech and oak in northern Bavaria (Germany) 42 pdf
H. Pieper, I. Heinrich, K.U. Heußner & G. Helle: Influence of volcanic eruptions on tree growth in NE-Germany during the last Millennium 48 pdf
Castagneri D. & K.O. Storaunet: Age-related growth trends in ancient Norway spruce trees and potential effects on long term growth patterns 58 pdf
Pyttel P., Kunz J. & J. Bauhus: Age and growth of wild service tree (Sorbus torminalis (L.) Crantz) in former oak coppice forests in southwest Germany 64 pdf
Vejpustková M., Šrámek V. & D. Zahradník: Growth and Nutrition Status of Spruce (Picea abies (L.) KARST.) in Mountain Regions with Different Nitrogen Load Levels 71 pdf
Kennedy R., Neuwirth B. & M. Winiger: Using photomanipulation to facilitate the cross-matching of difficult species for dendrochronological research 79 pdf
Owczarek P. & R. Franklin: Rock spiraea (Petrophytum caespitosum) from the Grand Canyon – habitat and growth rings 84 pdf
Tsvetanov N., Nikolova N. & M. Panayotov: Trees reaction after windthrow recorded in tree rings of pristine Picea abies forest ”Parangalitsa” 89 pdf
Remisz J. & Sz. Bijak: Dendrochronological record of scree slopes activity on Ostrzyca basalt plug (South-
Western Poland)
97 pdf
Wistuba M., Malik I. & P. Owczarek: Eccentric growth of trees as a tool for reconstruction of mass movement activity (example from the Carpathian Mountains - Central Europe) 103 pdf



Bräuning A., Scharf A., Kretschmer W., Gierl St., Leichmann K. & I. Burchardt: The development of a long pine (Pinus wallichiana) chronology from western Nepal from living trees and 14C-dated historic wood samples 110 pdf
Million S. & A. Billamboz: Pile-dwellings at lake Degersee (SW-Germany) – a challenge for dendrochronology 114 pdf
Pichler T., Nicolussi K., Klaunzer M. & G. Goldenberg: Old wood - new investigations. Dendrochronological results on mining timber from the prehistoric copper mine Kelchalm/Kitzbühel 122 pdf
Tischendorf Th.: Archaeological quality of dendrochronological data 126 pdf



Dorado Liñán I., Gutiérrez E., Heinrich I., Andreu-Hayles L., Muntán E., Campelo F. & G. Helle: Climate signals in width, density, δ13C and δ18O tree-ring series at two Iberian sites. 134 pdf
Gebrekirstos A., Neufeldt H. & R. Mitlöhner: Exploring climatic signals in stable isotopes of Sclerocarya birrea tree ring chronologies from the Sahel region in West Africa 143 pdf
Granados S. & A. Delgado: δ13C and δD in tree growth rings of Pinus pinea and its relationship with climate in Doñana National Park (Spain) 149 pdf
Hennig K., Helle G., Heinrich I., Neuwirth B., Karyanto O. & M. Winiger: Toward multi-parameter records (ring width, δ13C, δ18O) from tropical tree-rings - A case study on Tectona grandis from Java, Indonesia 158 pdf
Olivar J., Bogino S., Spiecker H. &. F. Bravo: Climate impact on growth dynamics and intra-annual density fluctuations in Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) trees of different crown classes 166 pdf
Edvardsson J., Linderholm H.W. & D. Hammarlund: Enigmatic cycles detected in subfossil and modern bog-pine chronologies from southern Sweden 173 pdf
Meinardus C., Weinert B., Löffler J., Lundberg A. & A. Bräuning: The potential of the dwarf shrub Betula nana L. as a climate indicator above the tree line in the southern Norwegian Scandes 181 pdf

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