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TRACE Vol. 5 (2007)


D. Eckstein & S. Wrobel:
Dendrochronological proof of origin of historic timber – retrospect and perspectives
8 pdf
P. Hoffsummer:
The evolution of roofing in Northern France and Belgium from the 11th to the 18th
century as revealed by dendrochronology
21 pdf
N. Bleicher:
Dendroarchaeology of late-neolithic timber in the Federseebasin
28 pdf
J. Susperregi:
Oak dendrochronology studies in the Basque Country
35 pdf



W. Beck:
Finding best regression approach for description of climate-growth relationships by
floating time spans of varying width
44 pdf
Sz. Bijak:
Tree growth - climate response in relation to habitat type in spruce stands of the
Borecka Primeval Forest
54 pdf
U. Büntgen, J. Esper, A. Verstege, D. Nievergelt, D.C. Frank & R.J.S. Wilson:
Climatic response of multiple tree-ring parameters from the Spanish Central
60 pdf
C. Couralet, U. Sass-Klaassen, Y. Sahle, F. Sterck, T. Bekele & F. Bongers:
Dendrochronological investigations on Juniperus procera from Ethiopian dry
afromontane forests
73 pdf
J. Esper, U. Büntgen, D. Frank, T. Pichler & K. Nicolussi:
Updating the Tyrol tree-ring dataset
80 pdf
D. Frank, D. Ovchinnikov, A. Kirdyanov & J. Esper:
The potential for long-term climatic reconstructions in the Central Altay mountains
from living and relict larch
85 pdf
D. Friedrichs, B. Neuwirth, J. Löffler & M. Winiger:
Dendroclimatology in the Low Mountain Ranges, Germany
97 pdf
R.J. Kaczka & U. Büntgen:
Spatial autocorrelation and growth/climate response of a high elevation spruce
network along the Carpathian arc
103 pdf
B. Neuwirth, D. Friedrichs & M. Hennen:
2003 – where is the negative pointer year? A case study for the NW-German low
mountain ranges
113 pdf
J. Schultz, B. Neuwirth, J. Löffler, & M. Winiger:
GWL-Fingerprints in Central European Tree-Rings
121 pdf
V. Trouet & A. Taylor:
Fire-climate interactions in northern California
127 pdf



K. Treydte et al. (34 co-authors, list suppressed):
Climate signals in the European isotope network ISONET                                     
138 pdf
K. Weidner, G. Helle, J. Löffler, B. Neuwirth & G.H. Schleser:
Stable isotope and tree-ring width variations of larch affected by larch budmoth
148 pdf



A. Bär, A. Bräuning & J. Löffler:
Climate-growth relationships of the dwarf shrub species Empetrum hermaphroditum
in the Norwegian Scandes
156 pdf
G. Calva-Vázquez, R. Hernández-Tapia, L. Rodríguez-Fernández &
J.L Ruvalcaba-Sil:
Study of the elemental concentration variation of Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn and Pb in rings of
growth of Abies religiosa and Pinus montezumae from Mexico Basin Surroundings
161 pdf
S. Chauchard, C. Carcaillet & F. Guibal: 172
Threshold of land-use abandonment controls the rate of Pinus sylvestris recruitment
and the forest dynamics in a Mediterranean mountain (Provence, S-E France)
172 pdf
P. Copini, U. Sass-Klaassen & J. den Ouden:
Dendrochronology as a tool for historical ecological research. Two case studies from
the Netherlands
179 pdf
M. De Ridder, K. Haneca, H. Beeckman, R. Samson & J. Van Acker:
Dendrochronological monitoring of air pollution in the Ghent canal area (Belgium)
188 pdf
S. Fischer, B. Neuwirth, M. Winiger & J. Löffler:
Nature conservation – influencing factor on radial tree growth? A conceptual
approach of a new project
196 pdf
M. Rybnícek, J. Frouz, V. Gryc, H. Vavrcík & O. Štourac:
The influence of wood ants on forest tree growth
200 pdf
U. Sass-Klaassen, Md. Q. Chowdhury, F.J. Sterck & R. Zweifel:
Effects of water availability on the growth and tree morphology of Quercus
pubescens Willd. and Pinus sylvestris L. in the Valais, Switzerland
206 pdf
P. Weber & R.D. Bardgett:
Dominant trees alter growing conditions in their surroundings
218 pdf



I. Heinrich, H. Gärtner & M. Monbaron:
Wood anatomy and Dendrogeomorphology - Reaction wood varieties caused by
different experimental treatments
224 pdf
R.J. Kaczka & H. Morin:
The dendrochronological records of debris flow activity in SE Quebec
233 pdf
I. Malik & P. Owczarek:
Dendrochronological records of erosion and sedimentation in a mid-mountain
stream (Jeseniki Mountains – Czech Republic)
240 pdf
I. Roer, H. Gärtner & I. Heinrich:
Dendrogeomorphological analysis of alpine trees and shrubs growing on active and
inactive rockglaciers
248 pdf



V. Gryc, M. Rybnícek & H. Vavrcík:
Anatomical description of tracheids in the compression wood of Norway spruce
(Picea abies L. Karst.)
260 pdf
H. Vavrcík, V. Gryc & M. Rybnícek:
Analysis of root-wood in Scots pine
267 pdf
T.H.G. Wils & Z. Eshetu:
Reconstructing the flow of the River Nile from Juniperus procera and Prunus
africana tree rings (Ethiopia) – an explorative study on cross-dating and climate
277 pdf
M.A. Gurskaya:
A comparison of extreme conditions at the southern and polar Ural, using frost rings
in wood of Siberian spruce
285 pdf


List of participants
TRACE 2006 Conference, April 20th – 22nd 2006, organized by the Laboratory for Wood
Biology and Xylarium, Royal Museum for Central Africa and The Laboratory of Wood
Technology, Ghent University, Belgium